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JTK HSA profile Introduction
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2019-09-12 updated:

Some new samples. More details will be improved in the next testing process and producing plan.

2019-06-24 update:

update content : The picture shows the com`parision to GMK and SP SA,Overall, we see that this height is closer to the GMK,but the globoidal surface still retains the original design of the spherical caps.

Hello everyone,I am Budda from JTK.

This time, we will bring you a latest JTK profile "HSA" (Bright & Smooth Double shot thick ABS keycaps):

Appearance characteristicsThe smooth surface is used instead of the grinding surface, so the visual effect is more outstanding and the touch is smooth. The height is lower than SP SA but a little higher than GMK,More suitable for daily use.

Manufacturing process:Double shot thick keycaps
Surface textureBright & Smooth

The difficult birth process of JTK HSA keycaps

  • 2016-09--------Designing drawings
  • 2016-11--------Start moulding
  • 2017-04--------In the first test, there were many problems and a lot of modifications.
  • 2017-08--------In the second test, most legends were not a problem. Because of the high requirement of bright doubleshot, the difficulty is very great. Some keycaps with Multi-legends had poor effect (about 10), so the first time we redo the mould.
  • 2018-05--------In the third mold test, one year later, the main reason was JTK factory had too much work to do, so we delayed. Multi-legends still did not work well
  • 2018-08--------In the Fourth test, Multi-legends keycaps effect was still not good, the second re-made die
  • 2019-05--------In the fifth test wefound that the root cause of the poor font (there was no need to redo the mould before, wasting a lot of money and time), and the modification was completed.
  • 2019-07--------Re-amendment all the bottoms and do all final hand polishing the moudls to make the products better

The following pics show the current layout we supportThe color matching is currently used only for rendering.More physical drawings will be updated continuously in the future.

Front view

Side Height



Test JTK keys

Double shot bottom